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Sunday, October 8, 2017

My Speed Bicycle

I've never had a ten speed bicycle or any kind of speed except my speed but I've mostly always had a bicycle. There were nice trails along the San Antonio river where my daughters and I rode and later John and I rode there. When I was young I always had skinned knees from running along side the bicycle while pushing it and trying to jump on but would fall to the grown. My old bicycle is in pretty good shape in the garage for not being  used in several years. Recently I told one of my daughters I'm thinking of riding my bike again for exercise. She said oh no Mom. Paint it a bright color, put a basket of flowers on the handle bars, and park it under the tree in your front yard. I've been trying to rid my yard of yard decorations to make my neighbor who mows my yard happy so that's out I thought. After pondering the subject I thought well at 81 maybe my balance isn't quite as good as it used to be. I'll just park it in the front yard and put a FREE sign on it. Young kids would get a kick out of that, they always stared at me when I still rode it. They would ride up beside me and act like they were going to race with me. Some time I would peddle fast and act like I was going to try to race with them then fall back to my speed. When I open my garage I look at my speed bicycle and so far I haven't been able to put that sign on it even though I don't think I will ever be able to ride it again.


Sharon Qualls said...

Sometimes it's nice to think about 'maybe again' one of these days. I still have my woodworking tools, I don't use them, but it's nice to know they are out there if I wanted to. Flowers in the basket wouldn't hurt the bike ...

salemslot9 said...

you just reminded me of an idea
I had a long time ago
but didn't try yet
turning a regular bicycle
into a stationary bike
search it on your computer
I already have an exercise bike
but I really want to do this
with one of my bikes
for the lake haus

Jon said...

It's very difficult to get rid of the things we love. Putting a "free" sign on your bike is a very nice idea - - but I would be reluctant to do it (perhaps I'm selfish??).

Unfortunately, I left my bicycles in Texas when I moved - but I probably wouldn't have used them again anyway.

jack69 said...

Funny that. I once bought some cheap used multispeed bikes, but they just confused us. HA! But I did say that this year we would get a couple 'my' speed bikes and ride here in Deltona. This would be the greatest place we have ever been to ride leisurely. WE like flat and empty roads. HA!
Nah, don't get rid of it yet, give it some time and think it over a little more. (But truthfully, we ain't too good at balancing at this age.) LOL


hang on to the bike just a little longer since it brings fond memories.

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

Why not try and ride it?

Lori said...

Eighty-one or not, I might be tempted to at least give it one try before getting rid of it -- but only with someone else around to call 911!