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Friday, December 8, 2017

Snow Crazy

It snowed in south Texas late yesterday. Even enough for some people to make a snowman. This picture was taken this morning after it had melted on the ground but was still on my roof. Some people went to the Alamo to experience snow on the Alamo. An odd thing about it was it snowed in such a wide area so many towns and cities experienced it. I know it sounds silly to our northern friends but to us it is exciting because it may be years before we see it again.


jack69 said...

Yeah, snow causes quite a commotion in my home town. Within 30 minutes of the announcement all the milk and bread is sold. I used to laugh at that, but I experienced it once. I wen to get a loaf of bread and the grocer said that sold out hours ago. WHAT.

BTW 'bout time for Alaskans to come south out of the snow methinks. LOL

jack69 said...

PS: But yes snow turns us southerners out to SEE, feel and try to make a snowman!

Jon said...

Wow, that is unusual for south Texas. I used to live in the high northern plains and we'd usually get snow once or twice every winter - but it would melt quickly.
Light snow is expected here in Tennessee tomorrow (Saturday).


how exciting for you getting snow. we're expecting a couple inches tomorrow. but it's no big deal for us. glad you got to enjoy yours.

Chatty Crone said...

I know how you feel - funny thing is that we did get about four inches here today - it has created havoc everywhere. It has been fun tho.

Rose said...

What is even crazier is that I get excited every time I see snow...and I have experienced it all my life. There is just something about snow that brings out the kid in a lot of people.

salemslot9 said...

woo hoo!

I woke up
after drinkin (spiked) eggnog
first time this year
hee hee

we watched ponies race online
too cold to see em in person
below freezing
too cold for kitties

Lori said...

I thought of you when I saw this on the news!! We haven't even had any snow here yet, except for a few thin flurries that didn't really stick to anything.