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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ten Reasons I Should Not Get A Pet Chicken

1. The neighbors may complain, we don't even have a fence. Not that, that would keep it in.
2. I would have to buy or build a coop. I'm not a carpenter and John isn't either.
3. John's cats may eat it or at the  most chase it.
4. Another mouth to feed.
5. Would the city frown on my chicken?
6. John is trying to discourage me. He fed a cat and now there are three.
7.  People zoom around our corner and may run over it and then I would be sad.
8. What would the neighbors think? There are goats in our neighborhood.
9. If it was a rooster it could crow and compete with the dog on tall legs living behind us.
10. A chicken coop needs to be cleaned out sometime. How much poop can one little chicken make?

One of John's renters used to have a chicken for a pet and it didn't seem to cause any trouble. Oh well I don't always get what I want.



You made a list of good reasons why you shouldn't have one. What about a list of why you should. That is if you really want one.

Paula said...

I do want one but I want it to be free range in the yard and I'm pretty sure John's cats would give my chicken a hard time.

Chatty Crone said...

I know a couple bloggers with chickens - if you have any questions - they like theirs - but they do have a pen. Might be a nice pet.

Jon said...

I have nothing against chickens, but keeping one as a pet might be more trouble than it's worth. Especially if there are three cats around!

jack69 said...

Aw, I am thinking of the neighbors that moved in across the street of the last house we bought. They came in and wanted chickens. So they got 'em. they wanted free-range chickens so they were. I talked to the chickens often about watching the road, one by one they forgot, NO chickens!

Great granddaughter Stella was sad.

Now the older neighbor has free range guineas. I will be checking next year, never talked to a guinea before, was flogged by one once, never liked guineas. I might not warn them about the road.

But heck, get you a laying hen.! NO ROOSTERS!!!!

Rose said...

It is something to old are the cats? Would you get a young one? A chick?

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

Once upon a time I had chickens that I raised for meat and chickens that were pets and layed eggs. A good mamma hen will keep a cat in line... but then you hafta go out in the freezing cold and make sure they have liquid water... you hafta have a really good secure coop for them at night cause the raccoons will kill them... and then I just got tired of it and gave up... I love chickens. I think often about getting a pet chicken but probably never will, and besides, the chicken coop has since fallen down.

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

Cleaning the coop and collecting eggs was my chore when we would visit my grandmother's farm in my youth. I LOVE chickens!!

And speaking of tamales in your previous post. My sister-in-law [of Mexican descent] made her own tamales....DELICIOUS!!!!! And we would always cover them in green chili [home made of course] lettuce, tomato, onions, and sour cream!! A feast fit for royalty!!!!

Lori said...

LOL I have to talk Eler Beth out of pet chickens, ducks, and quail every year!