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This Way To My Blog

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Piece Of Peace

We met people coming from work to their peaceful homes in the country. We were on a drive in an area where I lived when I was in the second grade. Back then it was a big ranch grown up with brush. Now it is  little neat paved roads with houses. I can't even tell exactly where the house was that we lived in but I have many memories of living there. There were many Roadrunners but we didn't see any today. I had a large swing in a big oak tree. I liked to get the swing swinging as high as I could and sing You Are My Sunshine at the top of my voice. No one to complain that I couldn't carry a tune. Once I walked through the sand and trees to visit a neighbor girl. I stayed a little too long and it was starting to get dark. I felt very afraid when I came on to some men finishing up building a fence. I was afraid because I was not used to being around strangers. I crawled under the fence, stood up straight and threw my shoulders back and walked home fast pretending great bravery. We didn't have a bathroom so Daddy built us a shower onto the side of the house outside. One day I was taking my shower and as I looked out the door I saw a snake coiled up in front of the door. I jumped over the snake screaming as loud as I could and didn't stop until I got into the house. The snake was probably as frightened as I was. I don't remember hogs but I know we had them because I remember the slop bucket in the kitchen to throw scraps of food and even the dish water for hogs to eat. Yuck! It was nice to drive that area and remember these and many more memories until John got worried we were lost as we kept ending up in cul-de-sacs.



Fond memories. That snake would have had me screaming too.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh that was a terrific memory. Love how you put your shoulders back and walked bravely. Hate the snake part - I would have done what you did. LOL Jack said on his blog yesterday you guys used to raise peanuts! You ought to write a book! sandie

jack69 said...

You sure know how to kick in memories. Funny that about the new subdivision. It is hard for Sherry to find the spot where the house stood she was born in and also the house she was raised in. BUT the memories are still good.
Funny how we forget some things though. I had forgotten about the dishwater into the slop bucket, but I sure remember it. Yep nothing was wasted our folks recycled before they knew what the word was a word.
Loved this one you little tough girl. Now I have a blog for later! LOL THANKS!

Sharon Qualls said...

It's usually fun to be able to visit the past. Seems our past is getting further away and sometimes the landscape has changed exponentially, even the landmarks are gone. :-)

Jon said...

Thanks for sharing these memories. It's always satisfying to return to places from our past - - but unfortunately they sometimes change drastically. I love road runners but that snake would have scared the jeeters out of me!

jack69 said...

I came back to say, "Weren't tree swings so much fun?!"
Yeah and me 'n you woulda made a great duet! hahaha