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Friday, January 26, 2018

Historical Ride

It was dry in our county but when we started west from John's hometown we got into drizzle and it lasted until we got back to our county. We drove to Big Foot, Texas. Big Foot Wallace was an Indian fighter who the small community is named after. We have been there many times so we didn't stop. We drove on to Frio county encountering only one other car. In case you don't know, Frio in Spanish means cold. I have no idea why it was named that unless it was colder there at that time then it is now. John was getting nervous by now. He is getting dementia and was confused as to where we were even though he has driven that part of the country all his life. I kept assuring him when we get to a main highway if we turn left we would go to Devine, Texas and we will turn to the right and we will go to Jourdanton, Texas where we intend to eat and then on to the next town over where we live. I detected a sigh of relief as we turned right onto the highway. When we saw a sign by a creek that read Santa Anna Creek he started his history lesson. He always remembers this creek where they caught Santa Anna and could tell you the whole story from Texas history. We still had quite a long way to Jourdanton and it was time for school to be out as we pulled into where we planned to eat a Submarine Sandwich. Teenagers lined up behind us and I've said before this town has the most well behaved and best mannered kids. They were laughing and talking and having fun but not a bad word or one thing out of line. I'll wager not one of them has ever tasted a soap pod.


jack69 said...

I like it when a person can BRAG on teens. Dementia is a sad but mean thing. Playing a serious joke on humans. Our prayers and concern are with you.

Love from Florida!

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

I have had experiences with teens from country compared to city teens - and the difference between mannerisms is astounding! Liking the country-raised a whole lot!!

As for Santa Anna...I LOVE the history of Texas.

Chatty Crone said...

I love a place where you can feel safe and be proud of the k ids and teens who are there! Awesome. And I am sorry about John. :(


a nice place to visit indeed.

Lori said...

I would love to hear John's history lesson on the capture of Santa Ana.