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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Thank You Lady

We stopped at another town to eat a small barbeque plate this afternoon. A lady John knows from his hometown  was working the cash register. As I was paying she said "have you two had this crud yet?" I was flabbergasted. Here I am going to the doctor on Monday and if my platelets are lower then they were last appointment, 51,000 I will probably have another round of treatments. Immune system probably low and this lady is working with food with flu or a cold. Very good food and decorated cute but the door facings are filthy. I'm not perfect but I'm not serving food to the pubic either. No wonder the flu and colds keep going around. I know I should report it but I'm chicken because her family and John's family have known each other for years and you know how small towns are. I have spoken to the owner once when another lady took a tip out of my change without asking me. I never saw her face in the restaurant again. Another thing I paid for iced tea and they didn't have any out but the same lady told me it would be coming right out. When I was almost through eating I still didn't have my tea so I ask her to tell me when it was out as I couldn't see from where I was sitting. I finally got up to check and it was there so I took it with me. I'm not sure the small towns around here ever get inspected or not often. I know I'm chicken.


jack69 said...

It is not chicken. After all these years on the internet with you I know you dislike controversy or confrontation. I do to. It is not my 'life'. I have learned to live with who I am. Some folk know how to handle awkward situations with finesse, but many people seem to live for a chance to 'give someone a piece of their mind.'
(Sherry says I know I can't afford it so I don't give them a piece of my mind!"

Hope the report is good next week and there are no treatments.

Love from across the gulf in a cool Florida!

Chatty Crone said...

You are not chicken. But on the other hand - when some people get sick they just get sick and over it - I get sick and it goes to bronchitis and for weeks and I worry about getting COPD -seriously and you are worried about your platelets (and I will be praying for you).

I try to keep my eye out. If i see someone in the line I am going to sick of course I move. I carry change so i could leave it on the counter. Or I would tell her how sick I was and is there anyone else available to take the money.

Do i sound OCD - maybe.

Best wishes and let me know on Monday.

Sharon Qualls said...

It takes a lot for me to say something - unless they catch me at just the 'right' (wrong) moment.
I hope your Monday programs work out well for you!


you're not chicken. you're just being practical given the circumstances. hope you don't get sick.