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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Guide Dogs

I know very little about service dogs or guide dogs although I am all for them. However I am curious about how that works. Today while sitting in Whataburger a family, Mom, Dad, Teen age girl, and young boy came in. The teen age girl was leading two large dogs with vest which read "Guide Dog". Started me to thinking--- are two members of one family allowed to have a service dog? Neither person seemed to be blind or otherwise handicapped. Now I know someone could have an anxiety disorder but two dogs led by one girl? Are these dogs ever trained by a family? John was a little offended by two large dogs where he was eating. It didn't bother me but I am curious about how all this is done and what could have been in this case. John said Whataburger is not in the business of training dogs. Yes I say, but they would have to be taught how to behave in a restaurant. They were very clean looking dogs and behaved very well other then I did see one stand up once and appear to be slightly begging for food. I used to see a lady bring a very small "in arms" dog into Walmart. An anxiety calmer, you think? Being responsible for an animal in a store wouldn't calm me, but then that's just me. I think it's wonderful for people to be able to have this help.


Chatty Crone said...

Maybe those dogs were in training - we have guide dogs at church. They have to learn to sit and not pay attention to anyone else but there person. They are not supposed to beg. People aren't supposed to pet them either when they are working. I think they are amazing and people who have them are lucky. I don't know why she would have two tho.


i don't know why she would have had two? usually one is the norm.

Lux G. said...

We have 20 dogs at home and none of them guide or service dogs and mostly are so naughty. LOL But I love them all and they sure make me feel better, safer and calmer. They're my everything.

jack69 said...

This is a toss up with me. There are people eating in restaurants that are allergic to animals. Where is the line drawn? There maybe as many allergic to dogs that need dogs.

I am a dog lover. Growing up dogs were SELDOM inside dogs so that is how I was raised. I had a full blooded Cocker Spaniel when I was a boy, and he was an outside dog. He did run into and out many times, but he lived outside. He was also raised on table scraps and Canned dog food the name was Dash Dog Food. It wasn't bad but needed salt. (Yes of course I tasted it, boys do that stuff!)
I do believe animals can have a calming effect, I also think it is carried to the extreme, the same as handicap parking. I am in favor of both, but I KNOW folks who are ADVISED by their Doctors to WALK, but still take up a handicap spot for someone who CANNOT walk and need the space.

In both cases people should consider their fellow man also, not just themselves. (Yeah I'm weird)

Sharon Qualls said...

Probably guides in training, one [the one trying to beg] could be a novice, there to watch the older one's behavior. These dogs have to be able to go wherever their person wants to go.

salemslot9 said...

your John didn't
want no dog
tryin to get
his patty melt ;)

Lori said...

There should have been a badge of some kind on the dogs that said, "Service Dog in Training." I can't imagine any other reason for someone to have two at the same time. as a matter of fact, I don't really think they would be trained together like that.