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Friday, March 23, 2018

A Long Red Building

I hardly ever dream so why did I dream about a lady judge and a bright red long barracks type business? When I awoke from a nap I was puzzled. I had been in a very long barracks type business to have my hair fixed. There were big garage type doors on either side and on the ends. They were all open and the hard breeze was blowing in. I remember thinking no air conditioning they must close those when its cold. I didn't see any customers except an elderly retired county judge who we used to know and another lady was with her. She pointed to a chair on one end for me to sit down and she and the other lady went to the other end and I could not see them or hear them to know if they were getting their hair fixed or not. I waited until I awoke with no hair do. Anyone know what this might mean?


Chatty Crone said...

not a clue!

jack69 said...

Okay, I had to laugh at Chatty's comment. 'Not a clue'. When I used to ask my grandson where his dad was his answer most of the time was, "I haven't a clue." Chjatty has been listening to her geandson! ha1

I know what it all means. You are joining the Army soon (i.e. Barracks) Because the first thing they do is cut your hair. (i.e. hair do.)

Since there was no hair do, you will be exempted to take care of John.

I know you could do a better story, even make a poem. But that is the best I can do.

From the title I thought we were having a steak at the Little Red BArn in San Anton!

I hope you find the real answer!!! AND IT IS GOOD!

Paula said...

Thanks for your "take" on my dream Jack. I'm needing to go to The Little Red Barn.

Jean said...

Like you Paula I sometimes question my dreams and wonder what they mean. I have dreamed more than once that I was getting ready to go to work and happen to think my kids don't have any clean clothes are any at all to wear to school and instead of going to work I need to go buy them some are wash them some. This never happen while my children were little they are all as old as me now, lol. I ask my granddaughter the other day if it might mean someone needs my attention. It does make me wonder since this has happen way more than once. Take care. Jean


no idea. sounds interesting though.

Paula said...

Hi Jean: So glad to see you back here. Hope you are doing well. I think of you often.

Sharon said...

Sometimes our dreams can make us puzzled for days. I have no clue.