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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Thank Goodness For Facebook

We knew we were into something scary but we didn't know what until we got home and looked at Facebook. I was in a turning lane with my blinker on waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so I could turn into our subdivision. A dull colored work truck the kind with tool boxes on the side came zooming around me and went into the oncoming traffic which everyone had the sense to stop and let him have the street. He then veered into the lane he was supposed to be in driving like a bat out of you know where. Then I saw in my rearview mirror a lot of police cars bearing down with lights flashing and sirens screaming. We couldn't figure why a person had the right to pass a turning lane and into oncoming traffic because we thought he was part of the police heading to a terrible wreck and couldn't figure out what part he played in the scheme of things. Maybe to use the jaws of life? We couldn't believe the police would approve of such driving even to help. The traffic started moving including me when everyone got their breath back shaking our head in wonder. After we got home and I turned Facebook on to our county page they were already talking about it. It was a car chase and the crazy work truck driver was the one being chased by all the police to my rear but they were being careful not to make things more dangerous. I'm glad I stayed still in the turning lane and didn't try to turn when the oncoming traffic stopped because when that guy went around us had I been turning we would have been smashed to smitherines with his speed.


jack69 said...

Sometimes we are guided by an unseen hand.
Close calls remind us how fortunate we are, well Sherry would say how blessed we are, and she is always right. We are glad you are safe.
Good entry, makes me think! (whoa, that is dangerous!)

Smiling here for you!
Love from across the gulf
Sherry & Jack

Sharon said...

That was close! You have an angel on your shoulder!

LV said...

That is why I do not get on freeways if I possible can. People drive too crazy and so much road rage. Glad you came out safe.

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you both were safe! You never know - was he drinking - sick or what - and then we can get in trouble. I have made bad driving mistakes too!

Hootin' Anni said...

My goodness...that so easily have been disasterous (spelling).

Happy to know no one was injured...have a wonderful, peaceful holiday afternoon!

salemslot9 said...

thank God you're alright Paula!

Lori said...

Phew! Glad everyone was careful and glad you guys were all right.

I Have Tea said...

Holy Moses, Pauline! So glad you're ok.