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This Way To My Blog

Monday, June 18, 2018

Rose Month

I read on the internet today that June is rose month. I've never heard that before and you know the internet wouldn't lie. You do, don't you? Anyway it may as well be June as any other month. This rose is not mine. My only rosebush  died a few months ago. Several years ago we went to pay the lease on one of the ranches where John raised his cattle. The landlord had a lot of tall cans with a rosebush in each one. I have no idea where he got them or what he was going to do with them. I paused to admire them and he told me I could have one to take home of my choice. I planted it and it did well and bloomed pretty. One about the color of this picture.


jack69 said...

There is nothing prettier than a red rose. I thihk it is because it meant my mother was alive. But what ever it was that made me love the red rose I am glad. I drive by two houses in this small town that mean a lot to me, and both have beautiful red roses.
I DO NOT LIKE THE THORNS but you must accept them if you love the rose.
Thanks, I love the picture...


roses are beautiful flowers, indeed.

Chatty Crone said...

I love roses - my mom's name was Rosey. I need to plant some.