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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Where Does Good And Bad Stop And Start?

Tomorrow is Father's Day. What makes a parent a good or bad parent? The nearest thing to a conversation with my Daddy was when he handed me a nickel and told me to go to Tom Kenny's store and buy him a pack of Bull Durham. Yes kids could buy it back them without a thought. When I got my job after graduating high school at an insurance company I was pretty proud. When I came home to tell my parents my Daddy ask all the questions of my friend that we went to apply together. It was as if she got my job for me and I didn't know anything about it. We weren't even going to work on the same floor or do the same work so she couldn't answer the questions of my job. I was not allowed to learn to drive or buy a car. Back then you didn't go against your parents, it was almost unheard of. In all fairness I have to say he always worked and provided good food, good clothes or material for my Mama to make clothes and we always had a roof that didn't leak. Two things were important to my Daddy, a roof that didn't leak and a porch to sit on to chat with the neighbors. It wasn't important that the house didn't have much paint on it and the fact there was no bathroom, just an outhouse. He was a quiet man and never once spanked me or yelled at me. Maybe he didn't know how to talk to a girl. Where does a bad and good Daddy stop and start?


Chatty Crone said...

Okay I am going to give you my belief - You and I are going to get the best and most awesome in HEAVEN!

Hootin' Anni said...

He sounds quite a bit like my dad in so many ways.

jack69 said...

I wish I knew the answer. I loved my dad, but he did put the church above his family, but he was confident he was supposed to.

I am not sure we will ever know the answer. But we made it, didn't we?

Love you girl. Thanks for the condolences At our age we are headed for the end of the race.


your father sounds like a good man.