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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Changed Our Mode Of Operation

No I didn't chop off the top of the mail box. The picture was evidently curled up and the top and the printer didn't catch it all. I could do it over but I don't wanna. I wasn't taking a picture of the mailbox anyway I was taking a picture of the flowers. They were saved from the county mowers because they were in line with the mailbox. This is a desolote little one lane road we travel from the highway to a dirt road when we go to John's daughter's house. Hardly ever meet a car and I don't know why there is a mailbox there since there are no houses on this road. Anyway we changed our mode of operation this morning by ordering bean and cheese tacos instead of potato and egg. Instead of eating on the tank dam we drove down to the field for our tailgate breakfast thinking we may see some wild life crossing the field. No luck, not a creature was stirring. We had to look for the cows and was surprised to see Butter had her calf by her side. Don't know when it was born but it looks healthy. We came upon the new cows Emily and Meany. They are feeling so at home they hardly stopped grazing long enough to raise their heads to look at us. The weather men have promised us some rain this week-end so we are looking for it. The green grass needs it.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Good luck with the rain....wish i could send you some....we're up to 20'something days that it has rained at least once during the 24 hours.....things are reallllyyy grenn up here in the Blue Ridge....don't just love cows??!!


garnett109 said...

Let it rain,Debbie and I like eating out on our porch since the weather is nice now

Tabby said...

I sure hope you get that rain. Your breakfast sounds so yummy :) Your cow's are doing good in the baby department, and glad to hear Meany and friend are adjusting. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lynne said...

Today, I saw a rabbit running for its life from my mean ole bear. She will chase anything that moves, lol. I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

jack69 said...

When we get back down towards San Antonio we are going to have to find that BIG taco. You make them sound so good.
I love it when you call the cows by name. I just read that cows that give milk, do much better if called by name, but you all probably knew that long before the folks at Stanford made the scientific study, huh?
Funny about the mail box and no house, maybe it is a homeless Texan!
Jack & Sherry

Lisa said...

I bought soft tacos and cheese and all the fixings to make breakfast tacos soon for my family! Ya'll come on over and we can have some together. I was going to make potato, egg and cheese ones and let the kids put hot sauce on them. When I lived in San Antonio that is where I had my first breakfast taco ever and every now and again I get to craving one really bad. I noticed back then they did not have taco bells out there. No no, they mostly have genuine TexMex. I have a San Antonio cookbook to this day, and guess what Pauline, my Nick was born there! I loved visiting the RiverWalk at Christmas time. I wanted to tell you I thought of you lastnight. While I was sick and stuck in bed nursing my allergies and sinus problems I started reading a great book about a grand ranch raising cattle out in the west. I learned a lot about drought and so forth. Was wondering does your hubby use steel posts for fencing or wood ones?
Lisa in Kentucky

Shirl 72 said...

I was wondering how Meany and Emily took to her new home. Sounds like she made herself right at home. Well now there is Butter with a new baby. Maybe name the Baby Jelly. Butter and Jelly. HEE HEE I don't know anything about naming animals.


madcobug said...

Glad that Meany and Emily are making themselves at home now. Butter is taking good care of her baby. I hope you get that rain soon. Helen

Janie said...

Hope you and John are having a good week. Just a quick hello. Blessings, Janie