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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cowgirls Were Nice Today

Well they are cows and they are girls. Tomorrow is cattle working day. The cowboy with his horse will arrive about eight and with John and his daughter's help they will cull out the large calves to sell at market. The babies who haven't been vacinated will get their shot and their right ear clipped so John can tell at a distance if it has been vacinated. I went with him today to round them up and drive them to a trap near the pens and then close all the gates so they don't scatter all over hell and half of Georgia as the saying goes. John walked the dry creek bed which isn't dry now rousting them up the creek with his hooting and hollering. I drive along the road (if you can call it a road) even with him. I have to judge where he and the cattle are by the sounds as I can't always see them for the trees and brush Me driving along slowly is supposed to keep the cattle from turning back and today everything worked well. I felt guilty everytime we drove over the dam tank as Jimmy calls it. It is really the stock tank dam. I forgot to bring food for the turtles so I didn't tarry on the dam. The very coldest day we had taken some trash to burn from a rent house and I found an unopened bag of animal crackers so I walked on the uneven rough terrain to see if they would come out on such a cold morning to eat. Not one turtle responded to my calls so I threw the crackers into the water. Maybe they would throw their little tiny blankets off later and have brunch.


Gerry said...

When you get older you punch cows anyway you can get it done. I am glad you can be of help. Maybe John will keep you!

Sheila said...

I hope you have a great week. Is he a cute cowboy?...ha..take care, Sheila

jack69 said...

Now we are getting some cowboy stuff, okay Cowgirl too! Do you get a horse next year? Maybe one for Christmas?
Like to hear of your days. Lot we don't know about cattle. Hey I got my shot, but don't want my ear clipped!!!
\Sherry & Jack

madcobug said...

Jack don't forget that Paula wants a donkey LOL. Glad that everything went smoothly on the roundup. Hope those turtles find those crackers. You might call them some sort of animal. Helen

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula...just wondering...what is that picture on top of your blog supposed to be??? just curious...!!! LOL...and have fun punching those cows LOL...and you have some very smart turtles...they stay where it is nice and warm indeed!!! and today it is 26 degrees...some snow flakes fell...just enough to make it messy!!!! LOL...hugs to ya...Ora

Lucy said...

Hi Paula, Your cows make our cows that we had on the farm look little and even our old bull looks gentler. We saw the long horned steer in the stadium on tv and they have long horns!!! Some stadium. It was 9 above when I got up at 4 and snow and ice. Bet the turtles are hibrenating. Can't spell that.