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Friday, July 23, 2010

That Was A Good Ole' Tractor

First we went to Poteet, Texas just north of us. I wanted to take a picture of the old hospital there. The sun was shining toward me so the picture probably won't come out. I'll have to go back later. This hospital is old and ugly now and I think it is rented out as apartments. The doctor who delivered me worked out of there. In fact I think he may have had it built. I was born at home not in the hospital. I remember going there once to see the doctor with a rash on my hand that just wouldn't clear up (possible poisen ivy). The doctor wasn't in so we waited and waited. Probably out in the country delivering a baby. We gave up and went home. Mama continued treating it and it went away. That is the only time I remember going to a doctor or hospital as a child. One day on one of my walks through the cemetary here in our town I came upon this doctor's grave. We headed north on a country road and stopped at Rutledge cemetary. We got out and walked and walked seeing familiar names. Mostly names John is familiar with. I have to twist his arm to get him to these country cemetaries but when there I think he likes sharing memories with me about people. Such as one man whom John had sold a tractor to. John said later the man told him "that was a good ole' tractor but you didn't give it to me" and knowing John I know he didn't give it to him. Probably got more then it was worth. lol


Donna said...

Well you know you got my attention with THAT heading! I love good old tractors. And it was an interesting entry.

Kattytrick said...

A lot of old buildings that once were, are now no more. I really hate to see the change myself. I still prefer older houses to the more modern type...but that's me!

jack69 said...
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jack69 said...

The main thing is, it was a good old tractor. There are a few of us left who weren't born in a hospital, and like you seldom saw a Doctor.
We ate at Paula's country Kitchen in Belleville, Michigan. We eat in Lenoir at Paula's Cafe'. So Sherry has decided anything 'Paula's' has to be good! I am in agreement!
Love to Texas from Michigan!
Sherry & Jack

Lucy said...

I was going to tell you and forgot, but I love your header. Joe likes to walk old cemeteries but I have to get him in there first. Since I have family spread all over in different cemeteries I very nearly can not get him out. That tractor looks very much like mt brothers first.

Lisa said...

Interesting that folks didn't rush to the Doctor for every little thing when you were young. You guys were/are a heartier breed than the kids today though. If my friends kid even sniffles they are in the ER.

I was reading about Ginger, cute story and I'm glad she's home now!

Fernan said...

We've a few good old tractors around here from a 30 yr old Leland, some 40 yrs plus Oliver's, to a couple more there about's 1957 models. About the only feature these old horses are missing as compared to the new breeds is the absence their shinny new dress images and drink holders.

Did however grew up with a couple red trators the gear shift knobs were missing for slipping the handle of an empty enameled coffee cup handle over. ;^)

Jimmy's Journal said...

I recall going to the cemetery with my parents as a child to put flowers on my Aunt's grave. They ended up swapping stories about when they were first dating and my Aunt's reaction to their marriage.


Dar said...

Sweet entry. My grandmother never saw a doctor until she was 92. She lived to be just shy of 102. She must have been doing something right with her 2 egg and a banana breakfast every morning.
I love walking around in the cemetery, but Bill doesn't have the patience. I keep reminding him that , that's where we will end up some day...he agrees and says that's why he doesn't care to visit too early.
Love the old tractors...the neighbor just sold one for scrap that was from the very early days with its iron wheels and crank start. Glad I took pictures.