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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Perverbial Needle In A Haystack

Actually it was looking for John's sunglasses he lost yesterday in the leavings of a bale of hay. The sun was hot and we didn't find them. I expected Shelly Marie to step out from behind a pear bush any minute wearing them. We just can't seem to have any inbetween weather. The turtles sure were enjoying the sun. They were perched everywhere on the mesquite limbs that hang out over the water. Kind of surprising how high up they get. I'm surprised they can even get up on them with out falling off. They weren't about to let me take their picture sunning. As soon as I opened the truck door I could hear plunk plunk plunk everywhere. They did come to eat and were eager to do that. John got really upset when he discovered a homemade farm implement was missing from behind the tractor. He found out his daughter took it to her house. It was her right as it belongs to her but she should have told him. He had a good sturdy picnic table that disappeared and a cattle panel which we found the renters had used to make a pen for dogs. They could have asked permission and didn't. Looks like they have aquired two pit bulls. Hope they don't get out to chase cattle. All in all it was a beautiful day.


Marty said...

I hope you fund the sunglasses ... but am imagining the turtles running off with them!

jack69 said...

I hope Shellie just wears them off to her self, the other cows will be jealous. hahahaha

Glad you turtles are getting to sun. Maybe it is a sign that spring has sprung (or springing) Good post!
Take care.

Jon said...

I happened to sit on my sunglasses the other day (acidentally, of course). Is there any particular season for turtles? I usually see them in my yard in late spring or early summer.

Jon said...

I misspelled "accidentally". Sorry!

Toon said...

We're getting the nice, sunny weather here too. Hope it lasts and lasts.

Dar said...

I don't know HOW many times I have misplaced my sunglasses...grrrr, but the funniest was when Bill was hunting with a bunch of guys, said he had to back-track to find his new glasses, when one of the fellas said, "How about the pair on top of your head." All the guys got a laugh out of that and bring it up every year. Hope John finds his before they are unrecognizable.

shirl72 said...

I think Shelly is about ready for Hollywood and
will show up wearing the sunglasses.

Keep your eye on the pit bull dogs. We have
had at least 5 incidence in our area where
they have attack people and animals. They say
they have that killer instinct. I know people
who have them dispute that but history quotes


Jeannette said...

I does seem strange you talking about how hot it is when it is so very cold over here, they are even talking about snow again next week for us but I do not think in my area.

Jean said...

We have had three nice warm days here I'm looking forward to spring. I want to see some green grass I know it will have to be mowed and that will bring on another job. Lol. Today I raised some windows to let some fresh air in, and I’m still trying to get unpacked. Hope John finds his sun glasses. Take care.