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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Country Tour

John and I have been out and about the last few days with some of John's relatives. Friday night we went out to the boonies to see a relative's camp house. This house came from behind John's foot doctor's office. An old house advertised in the paper for free if someone could move it in a few days. The young couple having remodeled old houses before latched on to it and when they really latched on to it the floor fell out but they had it moved onto their ranch land anyway. It's all decorated in southwestern furniture and southwestern colors and a pretty wood floor. They plan to put a porch around three sides. It's in a spot to see the sunset and sunrise. Pure peace. Yesterday Saturday we went near a town east of us to see an old farm house owned by another family member. We could tell the house had not been a common old farm house it is's day. Bay windows in two rooms and windows all across the living room. Three bathrooms (outstanding for a farmhouse around here in that day), tall trees and a pond with fish. The last man who lived there (a renter) was a hoarder. I won't go into what he had because they had already cleaned a lot out. They had rented the largest dumpster they could and several people worked several days. Now they can use it for a camp house (very big camp house) cook and sleep and hunt. The next house we saw is modern country design and relatives live there. Main house only has two bedrooms but there is a long walk way leading to the guest house and the entire abode is covered with a shiny tin roof. As we drove up the narrow drive in the trees there were country signs welcoming us. Even the deer welcomed us (well almost). When we got to the yard there was a little fenced in place with a sign that read COMPOST HAPPENS. We could see the swimming pool from the dining room windows and watch squirrels at play. writing can't describe the three houses but we had a wonderful time touring.


Jill said...

Wow! Sounds like a great and interesting time to me.

DD said...

That is very interesting and something I would tour, that is.
I always enjoy your blog entries. :)
Have a good Halloween and watch out for the spooks. EEEWwwwwooowwwwiiii!!!!!!!!!

john wingo said...

Sounds like quite a tour. I love the old places and it's always great to hear that someone has the time and the money to fix them up.

Lucy said...

Sounds like fun. Great descriptions. Happy Halloween

FrankandMary said...

Anything you can label Pure Peace...I want some of :-).~Mary

Anonymous said...

I love older homes they have such character.
Sounds like you had a good time. Hope your
Halloween was good. We had fun doing the
trick or treat with 3 excited children of my
friends. I don't want to do it again anytime


Toon said...

One of the main reasons I'd never want to be a landlord is because I know for sure I'd end up renting to hoarders!

Lucy said...

I just saw your temperature of 89. Ours is 29 and snow but it melts but personally I think it was way to early.