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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big Round Table

John was watching The Waltons a while ago and they were all eating around their table. John said that looks like us when I was growing up except we had a big round table. Then I told him about the big round table Mel's grandmother had and how we all fit around it when we went hunting at her ranch west of San Antonio which is now in the city. Everyone took something and Grandma cooked it on the old wood stove. After everyone came in from hunting we gathered around the big round table and there was room for everyone then the women washed the dishes and we all headed for San Antonio and our respective homes. Now that I'm older I wonder if she was glad to see us go or if it was lonely for her. Probably a little of both. We did do things for her during the year though. We hauled wood for her wood stoves or the men   worked on her windmill when needed.


salemslot9 said...

my John used to watch
'The Waltons'
when he was younger
one year I gave him
The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (dvd)
the series pilot television movie
good family stuff

Jill said...

Sounds like such great memories!

DD said...

Paula, that brings back good memories of storys my dad told me of the days of his youth, growing up in a large family with a long dinning room table. Those old days full of memories are priceless!

TexWisGirl said...

we had a big long table - with a bench along the back wall that i always sat along - smushed in beside all of my older siblings.

madcobug said...

Great memories. My paternal grandparents had a big round table with stools to sit on instead of chairs. Not sure but I believe they were all homemade.

jack69 said...

Lots of memories around those dinner tables. Y'all being there? I would think you are right on the BOTH. Glad to have everyone and glad when they are gone!!! a mixed feelings thing.

Right now with my hearing, I'd rather be left alone I think. hahaha

My GGrandpa had a long table, the side next to the wall had a long bench at it.

Good entry, kicks in some memories. I like that.

Anonymous said...

I do believe it was probably a little of both, as you wrote. There is comfort in the bold family gatherings...& then comfort again in the emptiness after the storm.~Mary

Kay said...

I love watching The Waltons. I watch them every afternoon on Hallmark now that Ben has passed away. The show seems to bring me some comfort.


Anonymous said...

Good memories sitting around a table talking.
Lots of problems can be solved. hee hee
Jack and I use to sit in front of a fire place with our Great Great Granddad and listen to his stories, he was a Judge.


Jean said...

We had a big round table at home when I was growing up I remember back then when we had company grown ups eat first and then the kids, I think now the kids eat first and then the grown ups. Lol. We try to fit them all in some were when they're all here. We have had them eating in the family room living room and sometimes outside. Get us all together it’s a crowd. lol. Good post Paula, Jean

john wingo said...

My Grandma had a round table like that...great memories!

Toon said...

We ate a round table too. I wonder if it's a rural thing.

Anonymous said...

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