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This Way To My Blog

Friday, November 4, 2011

Don't Judge Me Wrong

Wanna smoke and drink and stay out late.
Pick up a cute gal and go on a date.

Dad says no, he must remember when, now he thinks these things are a terrible sin.

Wanna feel the foot feed beneath my boot, collect some guns and learn to shoot.

Wear baggy clothes and let my hair grow long. I'm just kidding before you judge me wrong.

I'm a straight A student, don't miss a day. I have a parttime job to help earn my pay.

I don't smoke or drink or stay out late, someday I hope to meet a christian mate.

First there is college, earn my degree, the first few lines are a joke you see.

I intend to be a success, I will try so hard, knowing I will make it with the help of my Lord.

Pauline Lieck


Jill said...

This is an original? It is fantastic! It sounds like a great country song.

john wingo said...

Another great poem...was wondering when you would treat us again.

Jon said...

Hey, I can relate to this poem. Thanks for sharing it!

DD said...

And I think you have made it Pauline, as you stated in the last line, with the help of your Lord.

I love this poem. It is just as good or better than the rest. You are one talented lady and I am glad I met you, friend of South Texas.

Kath said...

Just love it Pauline, you are so talented as your friend says.Have I been missing any posts ?as I havn't had any on my dashboard.I hope not.Have a great week/end.Thanx for sharing.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Anonymous said...

You are great Paula. loved it. Take care, Jean

Anonymous said...

Love your poems. You are a talented person to
write poems like this. You also write very
interesting blogs.


Lucy said...

Great poem. I could not come up with something like that, ever.