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Monday, October 3, 2011

Cow Moving Day

Yep cows can move too. Part of John's cows were at his daughter's and part at the ranch. There is nothing on the ground at her place and the tank is going dry so John moved his cows from her place to the ranch to join his other cows. Didn't take a moving van, just a truck, trailer, and a cowboy on a horse. We went back out this afternoon to see if the moved cows had located or settled in. They seem happy with the green grass where John is running water. When we are sitting in the truck watching them we imagine what the cows are saying or thinking. Gets kind of funny sometime. When we drove on the tank dam we scared a bunch of big black buzzards that were gathered on the ground. Sometime that means something has died so we parked and went to search. We didn't find anything so John surmised they were just there to get a good drink of water. When we went to the back forty we scared up another bunch of buzzards. This was really a day for buzzards. We drove slowly along the bankers deer proof fence and found a dead coyote had tried to cross the deer proof fence and got caught on the fence and died there. The buzzards were ready to make a meal of it until we scared them. I'm sure they came back as soon as we drove off but that is the way nature takes care of itself. John has 40 cows on the ranch now, one big bull, and one young bull coming along. I don't know how many calves are there but it is a bunch of them. This is the smallest herd he has had in a long time but if he can get them through this drought he can always build his herd back up if he wants. It probably is enough to care for at his age anyway. This is an old picture of buzzards on the fence when it was greener pastures.


TexWisGirl said...

glad the cows are happy to be munching on homeland. :)

Jill said...

Glad the move went smoothly!

DD said...

I hope all goes well with John's herd.

Toon said...

Glad it was a coyote and not livestock that bit the dust.

jack69 said...

And I thought you would call a y'all haul it, to hep 'em along. Love to hear the doings on the ranch, but I do wish you guys would get some rain. I know you are happy the well is holding up. But forty cows can drink a lot of water I would think!
Take care and think rain.(So what else can you think of now, huh?)