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Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Knew There Was A Reason We Missed Church

We love our little country historical church and hardly ever miss but today they were having a big ta-do where the church will be full for the once a year Decendant's Day opposed to eight to fifteen people. Sooo we went to the ranch to move the water. Yes even though it rained John is running water on the ground squeezing as much green grass out as he can before the first frost. Moving the water around was all he had to do so we went riding over the ranch to see what we could see. Picture the roads small and narrow and we're on the east property. Stop John there's a snake, it's a Blue Indigo. Stretched out on bare ground. He stopped the truck and we got out and the snake didn't move. Is it dead or in a trance I ask? It's alive and watching for some breakfast. Duh! I think of my camera on the seat of the truck and as I started running back I startled the snake and it slithered toward a cactus plant never to be seen again. Probably went into the first rat hole it came to and a rat was probably what is was waiting for as they like to live in holes in the fence line where cactus grows. The Blue Indigo is so dark blue it looks black to me and it's one solid color. He/she was a big one too. This is the second one we have seen lately and for years we only saw the one by the cow pens swallowing a rattlesnake head first. Blue Indigo good snake to have around and  had we gone to church we would have missed seeing him/her.


madcobug said...

Sorry you missed getting a picture. I would have loved to have seen it. Helen

jack69 said...

Ah ha! don't tell the preacher you misssed to see a snake!!! hahahahahahahahaha

You amaze me with your interest in things, in such a way to make everyone else interested. I don't think I have ever seen the blue indigo. That is something. We have the Blue Jay, youhave the Green Jay. We have a Green snake youhave a blue snake.

Glad you did get to see the blue guy, wish you had gotten the picture.

Love from across the Gulf.
Sherry & Jack

TexWisGirl said...

so glad you have water to move! your cattle are too!

Jean said...

I don't think I have ever seen a blue indigo snake either wish you could have got a picture.
Maybe it will rain again before the frost kills the grass. Take care, Jean.

Dar said...

Next time, there is always next time to get that perfect shot. I have resorted to always wearing something with a deep pocket so my camera is ' right there ' when I need it, and I 'still' miss them.
I looked up the Blue Indigo...and to think they can eat a Rattle Snake or even a rat.
Always a pleasure coming here and thanks for stopping by so faithfully, Paula.

john wingo said...

Hey Paula, I've been missing your wonderful blog. I hope to be able to rejoin the faithful now that I'm getting better.

Kath said...

Snakes alive!!!! Paula,I would have set off to run back to the truck too,but not for my camera LOL!!I DO NOT like snakes he-he.I still wish you could have got that snap though.Take Care Love Kath Motherhen xx

Martha (MM) said...

I have never seen a Blue Indigo in real life but they sure are beautiful snakes! We are use to snakes here in Florida too but they still scare the heck out of me when I come across one unexpected!

Anonymous said...

To bad you did not get a picture I have never
seem a Blue Indigo snake. I am scared of snakes
I don't care what color they are pink, yellow,
green or black. I killed one out front don't
know what kind. It wasn't to big and they tell
me its mother or companion is looking for me.
I will be careful.


Toon said...

Now I have to find out more about these snakes. I'd never heard of them before.

Lucy said...

Now was that not more fun to miss church just one day and see a blue indigo. It is hard to picture a snake as pretty but they are. Make that some of them.