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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lookin' For "The Looker"

We went lookin' for the looker this morning. Remember she is the cow that never takes her eyes off us and never gets too close and never turns her back to us. I would say she doesn't trust us, wouldn't you? She is due to have the first calf she has had since John brought her to the ranch so he likes to kind of watch out and see if they and the calf come out okay. We finally found her on the east property and no baby yet. It was cool enough for a light jacket this morning and it felt sooo good. All the animals were huddling I guess because we didn't see anything but lots of Meadowlarks busy as little bees. The cows are not overly fat but they are surviving and do have short green grass so they don't pay a lot of attention to us. John is still giving them some supplement feed about every three days. Just heard on the police scanner there has just been another oifield explosion out near John's hometown. Gosh I guess that goes with an oil boom but I wasn't expecting that many (three) that quick. Hope no one is hurt. 


Jill said...

Glad you found the looker. I hope all goes well with the baby when she has it.

Very sad and scary about the oil explosions!

DD said...

Yes, I do remember the looker. (sounds like the name should be linked to an old suspense movie that I would love to watch). Good name for a cow too, love it, especially since she is a
I hope she has good luck delivering and the baby comes soon. We want pictures!!

Lucy said...

Probably if the looker has a problem having her calf she may let John be more than a watcher. The Canada pipeline is having problems getting through Ne. You know they will win. Sometimes I think Ne. gets to big for it's britches. It is going through Texas to. Glad the grass is coming up to where the cattle can munch on it.

jack69 said...

I like to learn about the things on the ranch. Keeping track of the young mothers is smart I guess, never gave it too much thought.

We have noticed several explosions on oil rigs lately on the news.

Also noticed two more bloggers that have had their pets attacked, Brit's little dog was killed by Pit Bull.

Hope Susie is doing good.

From over here in Florida!
Sherry & Jack

DD said...

Paula, as I told Lucy and and the others in our nutty crowd just make my day...haa..

The temp has dropped 2º since noon. Here at 3:40pm it is 48º. Me no like.

Anonymous said...


Glad all the cows are doing good. Have you thought of a name for the new Baby. Susie will
have a friend. We are having beautiful weather
some rain today. This week-end it will start
to get colder. I had a scanner when I lived
in Charlotte and it was fun knowing what was
happening. I would love to have one here but
I haven't check to see if they are even sold
here. Keeps me up-to-date.


Anonymous said...

Please post a pic of the looker's baby when she calves. I'm sure she'll have it closer to home than you think. Sometimes lookers are just shy.