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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cage Those Tires

This was the subject at our little country historical church this morning more so then the usual subjects of church. You can imagine the picture in my head. I've never heard of a double rimmed wheel but I now know the damage it can cause a person when they try to put air in the tire on one. One of our deacons walked in with a purple chin and his two hands bandaged up like boxing gloves and tales of a trip to ER with a night's stay in the hospital plus other injuries under his clothes. He said he was just plain stupid and knew better. They say you should tie the wheel down or put it in a cage while airing up a tire on this type wheel. I've heard of putting animals in cages, but tires? You can tell I have a mechanical mind. I'll stick to the baby wipes.


Jill said...

Wow! I wouldn't have had a clue either. Hope he heals up soon.

Toon said...

This is why I never do anything having to do with automobiles. That's what professionals are for!

Lucy said...

I have heard of that happening. He was lucky it didn't kill him. I have heard of that to.

jack69 said...

Ohhh Yeah! He is so fortunate. Many deaths from the same thing. It is pathetic how many men know better but continue to take the chance. I have viewed safety movies where the 'dummy' weighing 180 lbs was knocked 20' in the air when the rim gave way.
Yep, them tars must be caged when blowin' 'em up!
So glad he was not injured worse.

john wingo said...

He was lucky all right. Those rims are sure enough dangerous. It's amazing how much damage they can do. Glad he survived and I bet he won't try that again.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Jersey girl...I don't even pump my own gas, so I surely would never try this.

Anonymous said...

Have mercy didn't know that. I know about
bird cage, and others but didn't know about
the tires. I don't think anything is simple
any more. I thought I knew a little bit about
cars. I will just sit and drive the car and
leave other things to the professionals.