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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Who Owns These Catfish?

By golly this morning I decided my cat fish deserve a name. When I first started feeding them they barely showed their mouth with their wiskers. Now they show their bodies and flitter around. They get right in there with the turtles to feast. When I call them my catfish I speak losely. John pays the lease on the ranch. There is the owner and now there will be new renters of the house, so who really is the owners of these lively little cat fish? I certainly will be upset if they end up in someone's frying pan. The names I gave them are Ricky and Micky.


Lucy said...

Pauline you just have to not name hings like catfish. They will probably be eaten. I love the picture in your entry. To funny.

TexWisGirl said...

too cute. we get a bunch of young ones that feed if we toss old bread, crackers, chips, whatever into the pond.

jack69 said...

How did they get there? In Florida folks actually fish in the ditches sometimes, and I wonder how the fish get there.
Count on it, one day you will not see Ricky and Micky!
THE BUZZARDS WILL HAVE THEM, you can say, but in reality, the frying pan ....... etc...

Love from here!!!