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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Susie Knows A Good Man When She Sees One

Our cat Susie has always been terrified of Halloween.  When she heard the first noise or saw the first goblin she took to the garage and got in the back as far as she could get into the storage area. She would stay there until there was not another trick or treater in sight. Tonight was a most unusual quiet night for our neighborhood. Probably due to Cowboy Fellowship partnering with another church to have a big party at the park in the next town over. It was well advertised and even John and I both had a recorded message on our machine inviting us and we haven't attended that church in several years. However there were maybe fifteen came to our door since I had my lighted pumpkin in the window and the porch light was on. I sat outside a while waiting with candy and Susie lay near by enjoying the cooler night. When three little kids walked up one was about four and was dressed like a preacher. That's what I thought he looked like. He sure wasn't a Power Ranger, ghost, or anything scary looking. He was neat as a pin with black pants, white shirt, vest, and tie. When he got even with Susie he bent over and petted her and she stayed right in place not moving an inch. In all the years that is the first time I have seen anyone who is a stranger get near her, let alone pet her.


TexWisGirl said...

awww. a good soul in that one, then. :)

Jon said...

It's amaing that Susie was friendly with the pint-sized Halloween preacher!

We had an unusually quiet Halloween this year. Most of the houses in my neighborhood were dark. I only saw two porch lights on.

Chatty Crone said...

My son's cat was like that. He must have been taken by surprise. sandie

Jean said...

It was quite here last night our front motion light will come on if someone walks up in the yard and stay on a few minutes and goes out. I have tried getting it to stay on with out any luck. They have goodies on the street up town for the kids to keep them off the streets and most go up there. Take care. Jean

jack69 said...

Dat cat Susie is one smart chick!
We had no one come by, but Susie wasn't here to pet anyway!!!
Love from North CArolina

Donna said...

Maybe Susie is a holy-roller. (I'm not trying to be mean, I'm a little bit holy-roller myself.)