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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Memories Of Y 2 K

How did the year 2000 register with you? It was a good year for me as I bought my first ever brand new house. I bought my first computer and make lots of online friends. Of course we did wonder about the news and hype of what might happen but we didn't take it as seriously as some did. I was straightening an area behind our garage and found several gallons of stale water which made me remember. We did stock up on a little more can goods and paper products then usual and had a little cash on hand. None of it would have been enough to last long. So this is my version----

Y2K has already come and went, a lot of messages the new media sent.

We stored up water to drink and flush, we made trips to the grocery store in a rush.

Didn't forget the batteries, tuna, or tissue. Running up the credit card was not an issue.

Topped off the gas tank just in case, or is it just another American rat race?

Candles in the closet to light our way, extra blankets on our body to lay.

What would we do if the computers crash? We have on hand some extra cash.

Bought a first aid kit to replace the old, on this Y2K people were really sold.

Travelers cancelled their plans to fly in a plane, some of us went just a little insane.

We avoided the elevator to climb the stair, really looked silly, but didn't even care.

Now we can redeposit our cash in the bank, drive around to use up gas in the tank.

Eat tuna everyday 'til we can't stand the smell, ride the elevator to avoid the stairwell.

Give the blankets to the poor and store the tissue, what the news media told us was an issue.

Think for ourselves and use some common sense. Don't ever let our life become so intense.

The year 2000 was unlike all the rest, but all in all it may have been the very best.

Pauline Lieck  2003


Dar said...

So on target with your poem...what a lot of hype, like believing the world will end without God's timing. We do have a Y2K 5 gal. bucket still laying around, still holds water, and it's all good. Only problem, the bankbook has gone dry.

jack69 said...

Sherry was right, outstanding. I love how you expressed the hype. I was shocked how crazy the media was getting. Life is good for us in an RV, we had all we needed (IF ALL HAD BEEN NEEDED!) That was the time to be a gypsy!!

Love it girl you done well!

TexWisGirl said...

too cute - love the part about eating tuna until you can't stand the smell. ha ha !

i remember all of the signs posted on telephone poles in dallas trying to get you to buy their survivalist meals or supplies, etc. yikes!

Anonymous said...

I went right along living. I was running an oncology practice at the time, & I felt my patients were more of a concern than my computer taking a nosedive.

I like the poem & the sentiments behind it.

As per your comment on my blog: Yes, Chicklet & I have remained very close. She starts medical school in August of this year & she is a very lovely young woman.

Chatty Crone said...

I remember that too and it is so many years past that! Hard to believe.