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This Way To My Blog

Friday, May 10, 2013

Butter As In Butt Her

Yes Dar my header is a picture of Butter. Actually her name is more like Butt Her and I've told this here before I think, but as you know sometime I repeat myself. She does look sort of like butter and she had a sister named Oleo that looked just like her but we found her dead several years ago. Probably bloated from too much clover. One day John was walking around checking his cattle and feeding some cubes here and there. I was following him and them around. Butter came up behind me unknowingly to me. She wanted cubes and she wanted them right now. She butted me in the back and I started to fall forward. I was treading air trying to not fall on my face and did get my balance back. A few days later I went for my weekly massage from John's ex-daughter-in-law and she ask me what happened back here. The first I knew I was all bruised on my back side, but I still like her. John forbids me to hand feed cubes to the big bull because if a person is feeding them and runs out of cubes a big bull like Big Boy could really hurt a person.



That must have hurt to have Butter do that. GREAT name.

TexWisGirl said...

she sure is pretty, but i'd hate to make her upset!

jack69 said...

Ah ha! me thinks I would give 'cubes' thru the fence. hahahaha

Butter do have a set of horns, doesn't she? OUCH!
Good entry "Butt her". (smile)