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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Cattle Report

The air is so fresh at the ranch these mornings driving with the windows down. When we drove down the lane we could see all the cattle were around the house and the pens. Waiting for breakfast to be served, I suppose. Guess who was with the herd? Yep, Josie and her Mama. I think Josie is a little confused about the other cows and calves. One small bull calf was butting heads with Josie and she didn't seem to know what to do about that so she just jumped straight up. The renter told us when it started to shower yesterday Josie was in the field and her Mama was at the house. Mama started calling her to come to her. I don't know how they know one moo from the other but they sure seem to each know their own mother or baby's moo. We drove to the back forty just because. If that portion of land sells we may not have this priviledge any longer unless John can rent from the new owner. Which we think may be possible since who ever pays that high price will probably be buying for an oil investment or an oilfield business. Anyway we saw two turkey hens going to water and our appearance diverted their journey, so they ducked under the fence into the adjoining ranch. At least the deer proof fences can't keep the turkeys from going where they want. Did I ever say I HATE deer proof fences? Wild game should be able to go where ever and when ever they want. They should be free the way God intended. Yes I know they need to be thinned out at times and it's okay to hunt and eat what you kill.


TexWisGirl said...

glad the cattle are all doing well. just want josie to grow big and strong. :)

FrankandMary said...

The thinning out of deer in NJ bugs the heck out of me. We keep building strip malls & cookie cutter condos that stay half empty & then we THIN the deer population. It isn't the problem as much as our building useless crap where deer used to live is. We took up all their space.

I guess Momma's Moo is a special Moo to her baby.

Happy(almost) Mother's Day, Paula.

Helen said...

Have a nice Mother's Day weekend.


I agree wildlife should be free to roam.

Dar said...

Butt Her, is still once pretty gal. I'd fear her horns, they look mighty threatening.
And Yes, the deer fencing can be a nuisance. I have to have it around my gardens tho, it at least keeps the deer and turkeys from foraging on my vegetables.
Happy Mother's Day, Paula.
I love coming along for the ride.

Dar said...

oops, I meant still ONE pretty gal.

jack69 said...

Yeah Dar, let's not get her in the past. hahaha We too love coming along for the ride and like the report.

Wendy said...

I'm glad Josie is learning to get around. I also agree with you on the game/deer fences, I don't like them let the game roam and don't bring in exotic animals either, this isn't Africa! I hope you are having a good Mothers Day Paula!

Leave It To Davis said...

I hate deer proof fences, too. I agree with you. I hate that any animal has to be killed (even though I love a good burger or steak) but Hubby tells me that if the hunters didn't thin out the deer, we'd be killing them with our cars left and right. I suppose they have a point, but I always think all creatures want to live, just like you and me.