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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Crane Road

We have winter here in south Texas for a change. I was freezing yesterday in the lobby of the doctor's office with a long sleeve shirt and vest on. A man walked in with short sleeves and shorts. After speaking to his wife a few minutes I learned they had moved here from Ohio. This morning we donned our winter clothes and turned the truck heater to high and drove to our favorite country road. Crane road AKA Crain road. Now if you look you see something different every day. I've never seen an official road or street sign with AKA on it. Have you? I also saw a sign that read No dumping of cats or dogs. Never seen a sign like that either but it is a good one. I have read in the paper our town is working on a better animal control facility and way to take care of stray animals. I hope it pans out the way they plan which I don't know all the details but remember what I read sounded good. I pointed out a deer twice to John. This time of year they blend in with the dead grass. On home to make Frito Pie for lunch. Healthy fare? No, but it sure was good.


Jon said...

Winter has definitely arrived. It got down to 14 degrees here in Tennessee last night. The high temp was 28 today.

I hope your town gets a good animal control facility. I never realized how important it is until my neighbor (in Texas) moved and left her twelve cats abandoned on my property. It was a nightmare.

I like Frito Pies - - and I love that photo on your post!

S. J. Qualls said...

Cold here too, I can't seem to stay warm. I actually have seen signs "No dumping of cats or dogs" by some of the roadside dumpsters - that was quite a while though.
I'll have to look up Frito Pie ... sounds good!
I hope you are managing well!


Freezing temps here too. Sad to think people dump their pets on the side of a road.

jack69 said...

You sound just like Sherry, It is CCCOLD. I smile at the short sleeves and shorts. See it a lot in Florida when the locals are bundled up. LOL
AS ALWAYS, I love your poetry, Thanks for posting that one.

Everyone knows (even the animals, specially cats) you are a pushover for strays. I am finding Rick up in Alabama is about as bad. LOL

I always enjoy riding with you 'n John.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

No, I think I've seen AKA mostly restricted to people in my readings.
Glad you & John are out & about, heat on, & frito pie munching.
Maybe, mentally speaking, that frito pie is healthy.